Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Xaryna Xahara

A bundle of entry/post.
Hahaha whatever, just utilize the time that I had now LOL
Pictures worth thousand of word :)

4 ;)

@ Al-Andalus

Sister her birthday is tomorrow!! 4th DEC ;)

On these date. I got bad fever -_-"

Smurfy Me! I played Smurf Village ;p

Scarf, stole it from my mum ;p

Super-Annoying-Biatch-Best-Girlfriends :)

In an Office :(

Tutti Time with dear AWESOME friends :)

Face Time with my Own Wierdo Face ;p

While traffic jam, CAMWHORE is a must! ;p

Miss my long hair :'(

We're in December! Ohhh ohhh..about to leave 2011
2012 is approaching us! woot! woot! excited for the new year eve
Take care everyone. Be safe. Have lotsa fun.

Love and Peace ;)

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