Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Xaryna Xahara

A bundle of entry/post.
Hahaha whatever, just utilize the time that I had now LOL
Pictures worth thousand of word :)

4 ;)

@ Al-Andalus

Sister her birthday is tomorrow!! 4th DEC ;)

On these date. I got bad fever -_-"

Smurfy Me! I played Smurf Village ;p

Scarf, stole it from my mum ;p

Super-Annoying-Biatch-Best-Girlfriends :)

In an Office :(

Tutti Time with dear AWESOME friends :)

Face Time with my Own Wierdo Face ;p

While traffic jam, CAMWHORE is a must! ;p

Miss my long hair :'(

We're in December! Ohhh ohhh..about to leave 2011
2012 is approaching us! woot! woot! excited for the new year eve
Take care everyone. Be safe. Have lotsa fun.

Love and Peace ;)

World Full of Happiness

Hello December 2011!!
Bye bye November 2011

It's my happening month not even November, each day, each week, each month, and each second, there's a moment in my life.
I'm loving my life soo much!! as I surrounded by people who care and love me (FAMILY).
And surrounded and cherish by food. Hmm I really damn in love with food.
As long as i have to eat them for me to keep living. Hahahaha.


SALMON bla bla








CHICKS LEMON @ Singgah Selalu JB

PASTA LA VASTA @ Pacific Coffee, Pavilion

?? @ Royal Lake Club





My goodness! I have more than thousand of foods photo taken by me. Ermm can u imagine, whenever the food arrive at the table. I'm the one who will take all the pic around. Even not my food ;p. I guess I'm terribly obsess with food. Well I guess you does too! hahaha Wey siapa tak suka makan kan. Common la wey. I only upload this, since I didn't see any entry post by me with a pictures, and its boringgggg...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Positive Vibes


Hi everybody,

Things are getting different now, and it obvious. I mean i don't really update my blog. But all I have to say everything was right on the track. Hopefully. I've been permanently employed for almost 7 mth! and it turn out to be like "okay i think i shall jump and take a step further" as in, first job won't be the most favorite jobs ever. Take it as an experience, and learn. I want a good career, good life, good salary, good lifestyle, good working environment and who doesn't? Tell me..who doesn't?
Everybody is wanting the best for their life, so do I, I might sounds BIG DREAM.
Yes I do, I have the vibes of always have a BIG DREAM. I wanna see myself in 5yrs time being a successful women who stand on the ground and hold what she had own on her own.
I wanna be a WOMEN who appreciate life, love, food and fashion. WOMEN who are positive, stylish and well-mannered. WOMEN who love themselves. WOMEN who appreciates finer things in life, but still keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Each and everyday I pray to Allah, to keep my faith and heart stay strong as I will never give up to live life in this life of sin.

I only want the best, and the best is come from ourselves, we have to choose and decide on what are we on. Do what you like and love most. Live your life. Take me as I am.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet September ^^

Assalamualaikum and hello reader's!
Just a quick update here..

Without even realizing, my superb awesome month of September is going to be end. And yes it ended already since I write this entry on the 30th of Sept lol. A lot of awesome thing happen during September which is my birthday! I manage to get in touch with all my friends, meet those awesome people. How I wish it will never end. But life must go on. Then keep it up yaw!

I've got a lot of photo to share but like seriously I got no time to upload it here, since I've been away from my lappy..arghh..thank god I got my iphone with me, but its pretty much easier if I blogging using my lappy. Sigh -_-"
and yes its been 5 month I've been employed with such a bored employer, but hey belajar bersyukur ok, Alhamdulilah. Let face it, its just a beginning, I got long way to go, to pursue my career and my target. A lot of things need to be done before I reach at least 27 or 28 hewhew.

I really wanna write more but I couldn't! arghh..shitt..tomorrow's working and since mom is in town, this weekend gonna get busy with la familia. Gonna spend my quality time with momy! and my little borother.

Before that I would like to say Thank you very much to all my friends since and ever since we have known each other. You guys really mean to me. And of course i'm going to update some more entry about my September weeeheee..

Time will prove it

Take care and lotsa love from me

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Final 10

Salam ramadhan :)

We are now on our final 10 days of fasting!

Ohh soo how was the preparation?

Everthings ready? Done?

Kuih raya? Baju raya? Kasut raya? lol

Well me? NONE... -.-"

Since I jst started my work, I don't really mind or rush into it, is jst that 'ala kadar'. I'm not sayin im not excited about it, of course I do, and who doesn't. Its our celebration after 1mth of fasting. A month that we contribute our 'ibadah'. I wish that all of my muslim friends had use this time wisely and may Allah blessed us.

This time of raya I already work, soo soo I have to give duit raye ke? Hmmmm...I think I can't afford to give em 'duit raya'. Well I jst started to develop my own career n life. My salary goes out and went broke each month. Those salary was using for me to survive here in KL. I'm such a lucky babes, coz I have my sister right here in KL so I used to stay with her, since she needs me to teman her. Ya..we're like very close!! Most likely we are lepak n chill together. Her friends were mine friends, n my friends also her friends lol.

I can say that each month of my spending is against my salary. But...I already cut..cut..cut! it, so that I still can budget my financial. See....hows financial skills really apply in my real time of life. Hekhek :p. I'm not living in this house for free -.-" tho with my sister. I pay her RM500 a month. That was for everything I must say. Not everything. Since i'm not the type of 'berkire' dgn my sis. Cos we're sister, we rely on each other, take care of each other, hehe thats the bond of being sisters. So...I still have a few figures left for me for my own uses, I used to give some of it to my dearest mom. Ohh jst want to share, please my dear friends out there, I know all of you had your career and own salary, so set aside from the figures for your parents. Give them, no matter how much u can give em. But trust me, doa ibu dan ayah untuk anak is the most powerful doa for us as their child. InshAllah Allah permudahkn rezeki kalau kita tak lupa mak dan ayah kita. Heeee.

My preparation for raya was ala kadar. Baju kurung is a must. And made from my lovely mom. Hehe a lovely mom that really good at sewing my baju kurung :) she does it well as im her daughter. Thats true mother knows the best. And I really missed her damn much. What i'm excited about raya is where I get together with my family, relatives, long lost schoolmates and uni's friends and of course foods and kuih raya! Hehehe awesome aite?

Oh not to miss, last week i went to The Curve meet Alya! She's my ex uni's friends. And its good to catch up with her since our last time was about 3 yrs back. She look different with some sort of steel on her teeth *braces* but it suits her and i'm thinking on get it one too hahahaha i really want a perfect structured pearly white teeth :( huhuhu i want it so badly since i love to smile and LOL. So we berbuka together at The Gardens. I love her!

Another weeks to work, cant hardly wait to back JB....weee...

Salam ramadhan y'all

Peace and love
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ramadhan 12

Salam ramadhan everyone!
My 1st entry for Aug/Ramadhan, phewww..
Why oh why on earth am i dismissing my personal blog haizz..

I missed blogging, and read my friends blog and some famous hot chicks blog. I love writting through blog that I can share with ppl what I thought even emosionally. Its like a medium where sometimes we need someone to talk but there is no one. Then just write what you want. Nothing is personal. Just the thought of worlds.

Now here we are in a special month of Ramadhan doing our compulsary due to celebrating Hari Raya that approximately will be end of this month, and its on our 54th Independence/Merdeka day on the 31st Aug. Such an awesome day to be celebrate twice day in the same month. We manage to get additional public holidays!! Means here I only apply for 2 days on leave :) ahhh will be the whole week for raya!!

And..and..and... Not only that!! Me....goin to celebrate my 24th birthday on 2nd Sept! Ouh damn i'm not excited at all..even it still in raya mode but..but..i'm entering a half series of life..not really half, a quarter of half! Ngeeeee...i wish i could celebrate with my besties, my gf, my bf *oupss not yet*

Since this year is my 1st year of building my career then i want it to be special. Eh tp tak kisah lah, bersyukur dgn ape yg ade. I'm loving my super duper buzy life. Now my weekday goes like this, during Ramadhan woke up at 5am sahur, didn't sleep till 630am then shower time and get ready to office! Then 630pm done at the office and heading home! Reached @ 7 or 730pm like that..waalaaaa penat hokay! No life! Except on weekend! That is why i'm so badly hunger for my each weekend hahaha..can spend with sis jalan2 food hunter! Kikikiki now she's off to Kelantan grrr i'm all alone *waiting my laundry*

But hey, i still loving my life..heee get bizzy!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Finally its a 2nd of July 2011 I did manage to get seating for the movie. I never missed out since the 1st and 2nd which is Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the fallen * ouhh I'm way to excited*. At first, me and my sister wanted to watch at Pavilion, but since its full, dangg! But nvm, its ok to watch later on weekend. Usually we go to the curve for a movie. But this time dah malas nk pergi jauh2, plus as expected every cinema will be pack and crowd! Pfftt...

Excited to watch the new HOT girl in transformers Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly, replacing our previous sexy Megan Fox. A girlfriend to Sam Witwicky *sounds cute, just realize lol*. She freaking hot. A victoria secret's model. A girlfriend to Jason Statham *foreal!*. Gorgeous. I like her hair. Pouty lips. British accent. Overall not bad. I just like her skinny jeans at the ending scence that needs her to run alot. Andddd we're same age! Oh dear..but hell yeahh she's hotter lol.

I spend for about 3hrs including of waiting and queuing for pop-corn for this 2hrs 37mins of movie. Such a worthwhile i think. But a bit frustrated with the cinema cause they unwell managed the cinema. Well maybe that's how it goes when it come to 'must watch' movie kot. Plus we have to take a long walk back to our park at the basement floor. The escalator didn't work cause its after midnight. Hmmm...frustrated with the cinema. Makes my body cramp like I was seating in a bus! Heyy come one, imagine me long-legged, if I don't really get a comfort seat for me then that will be a problem and totally sucks. But what else to do, sometimes I have to deal with that, heyy!! I pay for it okay!! I just don't care. Grrrr... *chill down*

Finally, the decepticons is dead. Yeahh all. Hope for the next transformers lol. I'm loving the robots. The sounds. Ahh make me feel like wooww awesome robot we got these day. I love some of the quotes in the movie.

> Optimus Prime: From here on, the fight is yours...

> Optimus Prime: You may lose faith in us, but never in yourselves.

> Optimus Prime: Today we take the battle to them!

> Carly Miller: I love this car.

The storyline was not bad at all. Since there's an element where they discover autobot at the moon. But yeahh its action movie. Just love it. I give it 7 out of 10. Yes 7/10. Heee but it a must watch movie. You have to watch those autobot and deception fight! Lol

Ok that's it for my personal comment..

Just wanna tell, I really wanted to post an entry with some pictures and photo but I couldn't, since i'm updating using a smart phone application. I've tried out once but I can see the pictures become over too large lol! Idk how to adjust the size so that can be view like normal. Haha so this is all I can do. But sooner I'll find out. Might be other solution or other application that easier for me.

Peace n Love 

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Fever shooooo

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُ

Today saya m.c, dah 3 hari bad fever. Starting from last friday, after work badan dah rase lain mcm, especially bahagian kepala, muka mcm panas gile. Ingatkn sbb penat bekerja kot so biase la tu, jap2 lg ok la haha.

Bila malam mcm panas tu tak hilang2, so amik actifast jer. Pon tak berkesan. Bila tidur, tilam tu dah bole observe kepanasan badan aku, sooo dah lah badan aku tempreture mmg panas, tilam jadi panas, ehhh lagi panas laa aku...huaa..tapi mmg kalau aku dah demam mmg bukan sikit2 nyer pnas lol

So weeknd tu mmg shut down from all activity, sbb aku mesti rehat kalau tak cmner nak baik dan sihat. Ahad aku pergi jumpa doc, pagi2 lg dah pergi, sbb kakak aku dah risau tengok aku, die cakap badan aku panas sangat2, sampai muka merah padam, di sbb kn panas dlm badan, dah mcm ketam bakar dah katenyer..mak aku pon suruh g check, ok la ok la kite g check ok.. Hehe..

Siap boleh buat pilihan "nak pergi klinik yg doc hensem tu" lol. Unfortunately doc hensem tu off-duty la plak ahad. Takpe la dpt la doc skema. Dia dah check, katanya aku demam kuat 38.9 aku nye tempreture bdn, tp serius la mmg aku pun tak ley handle *Ya Allah itu baru panas di dunia* dan muka aku merah2 sbb radang kt tekak, katanya..ok la..aku risau takut denggi skng ni kn musim, tp still risau sbb die tak check darah pun lol

Okok, ini rase mcm segan nak cerita, tp takpelah bole di jadikan contoh kejadian ahakss bley camtu. Lepas jer balik dr klinik so ingat nak g breakfast, dekat2 jer dgn area rumah. Time breakfast tu pulak aku bole rase mcm lain mcm sgt, maybe badan dah lemah sgt, plus dgn badan panas, cuaca lg panas, dan akibatnya aku pengsan seketika. Selamat la kakak aku dah cukup faham dgn keadaan aku kalau aku demam yg mcm ni. kn ape yg aku perasan takde sape pun yg tolong. Ye la sbb kakak aku tak de la gelabah terjerit2 mintak tolong, die rileks jer, sbb akak aku dah tau sgt aku, so die just tggu about a few second jer, then aku dah sedar, bukan pengsan berjam2 mcm dlm drama tv tu semua penipu lol..

Thank you so much sister. This is what I told u..never leave family's behind, cause they won't leave you no matter good or worse.

My family isn't just a family, they are my bestfriend. Especially my mom and my sister. Ya Allah I pray for their happiness and for a good health. And i'm Thank Allah for giving me such a wonderfull mother, sister, brothers and families. I am gratefull.

Hope i'll recover soon.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unexpected lol

All I can say, it happened, and lesson learned. The thing that make me think twice, even more than that. I just realize myself.

Kadang2 ape yg kita nak tak semestinya kita akan dapat. Tapi selalunya bila benda yg kita nak tu tak dpt of course la frustrated. Dari situ jugak aku belajar tentang diri aku. I believe as a normal human being we do make mistake and we continued learning. Even its very hard for me. Sob..sob..

If things doesn't went well just like we thought, it probably have a reason. Allah lebih mengetahui yg terbaik buat diri kita. Semuanya dah tertulis jalan hidup ini. So wajib untuk kita redha dgn ape yg berlaku. Jadikan iktibar n pengajaran. Ok masehh sbb sudi bace aku merepek. Lol

Move strong z. There's alot more important thing to do. Appreciates life.

What I have discover about myself is........ Hehe

Ok dah nk tido sok keje, night!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A perfect indulgence

Just wanna share what I had taste or eat recently LOL. It superbly awesome. Well i'm a food lover. I like to taste and try out something. An evening with sister Melting in mouth My morning glory Lunchiee with the lovely lady Cutie macarrons Macaroons at Levain The Tapai Pulut @ Restoran Jejantas

Hehehe kecur tak???

There more to come..soon..soon
This is why I love blogging LOL
Just a matter of time ^^

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Things Happen

So many things happen in a month! and it's already June! another month and a half for our very very special fasting month. And then Raya. How fast...phewww...rase macam lari 100m LOL.

Well all I have to say that i'm thinking of settling down, sooner or later..I want to focus in my life, my career, my family, and my future. I need someone to guide and be with me whenever i'm good, poor or bad. Someone that can accept me as what I am. I mean it. I just want a serious relationship onwards. No more scandal. No more coupling here coupling there. I want to be a good girl, a good daughter of my mother. A good little sister to my siblings. A good wife to my future husband. A good mother to my kids. And of course a good friend to those my friends out there.

Deep in my heart I want to be loved, and I want to love somebody. That only with the person I choose to be mine, and willing to be as part of me and that I can devote my life with. I'm just like a normal human being that want all those sweet things. It's not only I want the sweetest, but I want the best and the mostly perfect for my life and my future. I want the best future husband for my future kids. After I gone through my bad break-off last year, yes! I did through, and successfully handle my life. It's not easy for me okay. Well you can't let yourself drown once your heart break. Gotta move on. But the reality is, no one ever know how I feel.

When I meet someone that I started to like and fall for, suddenly it turn out like nothing. That's too bad for me. Sometimes I think, like i'm only 24 at the age of number. Guys sometimes aren't easy to be predict. I don't know what is actually they want from a girl. I meet those guys who mostly perfect. Which I can say a very good quality of man. That can be proud to be a husband. But yet whenever they feel they in a very comfort zone which they feel like they were 'every girls want in a man'. That come with a big deal out of it. When they want it to be like this and like that. I mean ya..i know they have the right to choose the best. Well if that how it goes, same as we are the girls. Everyone want the best for everything in their life, that only if we had a chance and we had a time to choose. But if only in our life we spend of choosing until we found the best or the right one, and that still wondering either it is or not, i'm not sure when the times will arrive unless we decide it. And the most difficult part is to decide and count on your decision that you have made. And it can be predict exactly as your wishful thinking.

It can't be force. But yet if you don't put an effort for it you won't got nothing. Don't be afraid of getting commit. Don't let your past break-off become larger than your future. Lesson learned. Don't try to get into the same situation as what had happen before. Sometimes we have to take the risk. The risk that we take will be the challenge. No one want to be hurt. I miss someone *not my ex!* but him. A friend of mine. I miss him badly. Don't know what to do. Till I came out with this entry.

*sorry merapu, but this is what i thought now*

I love writing randomly, I can express what I feel, what I thought, it's been awhile.

Anyway now i'm here at hometown back in JB for a weekend break. Away from the busy city. Such a great quality time to spend with my mother. I miss her so much. Happy to see her, salam, kiss and hug her. She's the one and only I would give my world. There's nothing I can pay off with what she had done to me and to family. A proud mother to a notty daughter like me LOL.

And last but not least. My bedroom wall colour is changing into more pinkish. No matter what colour my room always the best comfort i'm having a great time.

Peace and Love

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a while

Hello lovely people,

Since I felt like a hundred years didn't update my blog LOL, I'm loving my busy life.

Now I'm offically a graduated Bachelor of Finance.

I'm offically employed by Tomei as an Account Executive, which everyday is a challenge for me to deal with the figures ang balancing. Which sometimes lead to stressfull. But I'm enjoying the fruits.

My convocation was about last two weeks, it was on the 15 of May 2011, was held in a brand new hall, which I think more bigger and awesome. That was the moment that so priceless after a work hard not really hard actually. Lol. All I wanted to say is thank you to my mother, sister and brothers. Family, friends and lecturers that had been supporting me through out this studies years. They taught me evertthing and learned much. As I said its priceless.

Hoping that my mother is the happier person.

More to update, soon

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

One More Try

Deng! its been soo long i didnt post any entry hahahahahah..okay.. nothing much to be share here..because now i am becoming more secretive person.. hahahah too bad for u guys. Now im enjoying my life. Loving my busy life. Im still unemployed, had attend for a few interview with some of a big company around kl. InsyAllah if my 'rezeki' is there then should be no problem. And im about to leave my hometown, gonna move to KL, but heyy...just chill KL-JB not too far LOL.. Although im unemployed still got no time to update my blog. I got a chance to be very very close with my sister, we had time together, everywhere, anywhere just together, now i cant even live without my sister. I love u my sister. Now im at my home sweet home jb, with my lovely mother and little brother, hoping that mother wont be worry about me. I wanna be more independent and tough!! Forget about everything past and done, my new chapter of life will begin soon. Now im moving on. Past really teaches me a lot. Cant wait for the excitement. Got to feel the beat yaww!! Cant make any promises for any update soon. hahahahaha.... Chill and have fun.. Lotsa LOVE

Monday, February 21, 2011

Black Swan vs No String Attached

This 2 movie aku baru jer tengok. Nak komen sikit lah. 1st aku tengok Black Swan and second tengok No String Attached pula. Semua ni di sebabkan Natalie Portman. Seriously, aku admire dgn minah ni. Sebab die seorang actress yang berkualiti. Gorgeous. Ayu. Cute. hehehe..:p

No String Attached

Jalan cerita agak menarik kot, biasa lah cerita pasal life style omputih yang modern. Tapi banyak melucah. Actually tak ade lah melucah ape pun cuma, sikit-sikit about sex, sikit-sikit about sex, dah bukan sikit-sikit lagi dah. Dah banyak-banyak. Tapi sweet la bila Ashton tu treat Nat ni nicely macam org bercinta, scene yang banyak sweet la. Aku tengok cerita ni tak pulak aku horny. Tapi couple yang duk depan aku tu, aku tengok yang pempuan dah terlentok bukan main kat lelaki nyer. Nyampah aww..

Tapi kan aku suka cerita ini, sebab mmg weird la mereka berdua ni just having sex jer, but 'no string attached'. No love. No jelousy. Sebab Nat ni tak berani nak ada komitmen takut frust. So mereka just having fun together. Tapi Ash cam dah mula fallin love dgn Nat. Menarik la. Sweet tgk dia berdua berlakon hikhik.

Senang cerita nak tengok cerita ini tak perlu la pergi dgn kawan-kawan yang skema rama, sebab agak bertentangan la dgn cara hidup kita orang melayu islam lagi. Bagi aku ok jer, sebab ini sekadar hiburan menonton movie. Just a movie. Lagi pun sebab aku nak tengok Natalie Portman yg comel!

Black Swan

Tak banyak aku nak komen. 5 star. Seriously, another blow mind movie yang pernah aku tengok. Jalan cerita sangat simple. Just a ballet dancer yang terlalu obses nak menjiwai watak dia as Queen Swan yang ada 2 perwatakan iaitu White Swan (baik) and Black Swan (jahat). A pyscho movie kot. Tapi apa-apa pun aku suka mutu lakonan Natalie Portman. Sangat berkesan. AKu suka! Lebih-lebih lagi time scene dia jadi Black Swan. SUperb!!

semua komen-komen ini adalah komen peribadi aku. hikhik.
peace and love..

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hanis Zalikha reply tweet aku okay...

tapi sekali je lahh..hahaha

aku rasa korang kenal dengan top blogger ini tak lain tak bukan Keknis *walaupun dia lebih muda dari aku* atau pun Hanis Zalikha. Tak sangka rupanya dia ni junior aku kat UiTM Segamat, segamat jgak dapat nama kan. Tak sangka tempat-tempat ceruk tu lah memang ramai student uitm yg cun, comel, cantik and gorgeous serta bijak pandai *termasuk yg tulis nih* ouhh pengsan!!

tapi memang aku tak nafikan time aku study kat UiTM Segamat, memang bersepah-sepah nak tengok budak-budak perempuan yang stylo mylo ni, so tak ade la rase cam ketinggalan zaman walaupun duk kat ceruk hutan sebab masih boleh tengok perkembangan fesyen yang trendy! aww..

Inilah dia orangnya, cantik...
slumber jer aku curi gambo ni kat belog die..
heeee..jgn marah..

Woooohhh! siap print screen dohh die reply tweet aku!

Ye la aku ni siapa lah kan kalau die nak tweet2 ngn aku pun, kenal pun idak, so rase glad lah nak jugak die reply tweet aku, heeee..maseh Hanis! anw sorry for ur lost. Al-Fatihah to her grandma.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wo Bu Shufu

Aku demam, selesema, batuk, sakit tekak..
Ya Allah..dugaan..
dah masuk 3 hari.
Hari yang pertama aritu batuk-batuk,
di ikuti selesema, kemudian demam menyusuri..

Now demam dah kebah *dah kurang*
cuma batuk-batuk yg mengada-ngada
sampai mak aku ejek bunyik batuk aku *hehhh*
selesema ni yg aku tak boleh handle....

eventho aku tak sihat, aku still gagah cuci kereta
pergi kubur..masih boleh driving..
ala..gedik sgt kalau sampai tak boleh drive kan
sebab aku punya style memang aku tak suka manjakan
diri kalau sedang sakit/kurang sihat


lagi pun dah besar gedabak camni
over la kau kalau nk terlantar atas katil kan
dulu mase kecik-kecik boleh la! grrr..
aku ni memang jenis susah nk kena sakit
tapi once kena..hamekkk kau!

now aku rasa suara aku dah semakin lunak
sengau campur lemak-lemak sikit
tekak perit-perit, aku tak pergi kelinik pon
bukan tak ade bajet ke ape
tapi sebab aku boring lah nak tunggu lame-lame

baik aku layan youtube..
CNY dah nak dekat, ade plan tak?
aku nak beach!! hot sunny!
awww...i feel sexy now..

semoga cepat sembuh..fuhhhh *kau bace jampi ke ape*

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lawatan ke kuborrr...rrrrrr...


today is friday..
ibu zara bilang "ayuh kita ke kuburan"
Al-fatihah to my late grandma..
tarikh beliau meninggalkan kami 10 Nov 2006..
time ni aku tgh study dip kat segamat..T_T
aku banyak dosa dgn arwah sebab suka melawan kata dia..
semoga arwah di tempatkan di kalangan yang beriman dan di cucuri rahmat..

mak aku bilang, jgn sekali-kali kita lupa dan abaikan tanggungjawap pada yang telah tiada. Tak semestinya time hari raya jer kau pergi melawat okay! hari-hari biasa pun boleh. KALAU ada masa. InsyAllah. Masa itu sentiasa ada. Pandai-pandai lah kan.

So aku dah biasa dgn semua ni. Kalau ada kelapangan kite org pergi sebab nak bersih-bersihkan semak-samun dan pastikan keadaan elok. Dan baca yassin sama-sama. Serius aku suka sebab rasa macam mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan.

So aku harap perkara ni akan sentiasa berterusan sehingga ke generasi aku yg seterusnya..InsyAllah..

salah satu cucu kesayangan arwah

ini antara cucu yg sgt nakal

saya rindukan arwah T_T